The Two Best Sites For Free Books

The Two Best Sites For Free Books


The advent of eBooks has been especially beneficial for readers. Why? Because there are many websites and platforms that offer eBooks for free or at a fraction of the original cost. Furthermore, since publishing eBooks is not a costly affair, many writers have self-published which has increased the number of free books accessible to readers. Though there are many sites to get cheap books from, the best of them are:

  •    Bookhub is one of the few places that offer free or cheaply priced books in British Pound instead of US dollars. Some of the formats you can buy on the site are Kobo, Google Play, Apple and Kindle.
  • Book Gorilla is another repository of books that are available either completely free of cost or at meagre prices. Plus, they cover a boatload of categories and send notifications via email of new books. You can choose from 12, 25 or 50 books per day.

Besides these two platforms, there are many other sites and libraries online that sell or lend out books at dirt-cheap costs. Gutenberg Project is one such place any book lover can use to get free books especially those which were not covered under copyright and patent laws.

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